5 Tips for Picking Out the Right Bookcase for your Office

Picking out bookcases in Fort Myers should not be a hassle. Sure, there are many bookcase styles, colors, and shapes, but that does not mean that finding one should be difficult.

Bookcases are not only for storage, they are also a statement piece. One of the first things a client sees when they enter your workplace is your bookcase. They may be curious about the books or pictures you have stored there or just interested in the bookcase.

Basically, bookcases are an essential feature to every office and finding a good one should be easy. Here are some tips to help you pick out the right bookcase for your office.

Bookcase Usage

What are you planning on using your bookcase for? Do you have a lot of books you want to display? How about displaying pictures? Are all the items you want to display the same size? These are all questions you should be asking yourself before you purchase a new bookcase for your office. A bookcase that is not filled properly can look shabby and unprofessional. If you plan ahead, you can find a bookcase that fits what you need to store.

Many bookcases even come with adjustable shelves so you can adjust each storage space to fit your needs. This is an excellent choice if you have a wide variety of books, pictures, plants, etc. you want to place on your new bookshelf.

Storage Growth

If you are in need of space to grow with a bookshelf, it is essential to plan ahead. You can get a larger bookshelf than what you presently need and slowly fill it in as needed. (There is a way to do this without taking away from the overall appeal of the bookcase.) It is important to plan ahead and see to your future needs when looking for office bookcases in Fort Myers.

Size and Shape

The layout of your office plays a large role in the size and shape of the bookcase you can purchase. Planning where you want your bookcase to go and taking measurements is a great way to make sure you get the correct bookcase for the space you have.

A bookcase that is too small may look strange and out of place. A bookcase that is too big will make your office feel cramped or may not even fit at all. Taking basic measurements before hand will fix both of these problems.


Finding a bookcase that functions efficiently for storage is good. Finding a bookcase that fits the style of your office and has efficient storage is perfect.

Many people may not consider the style of their office when they purchase a new bookcase, but this is a mistake. A bookcase is not just a frame for your books and pictures. It is a statement piece of furniture that will impress clients if it is picked out correctly. Wow your clients with your bookcase by finding one that jives with your office style.

Visit an Office Furniture Showroom

The best way to get a bookcase that fits all your needs is to visit an office furniture showroom. You will be able to see available bookcases in the light of day and make a more informed choice. Office furniture specialists will also be able to help you chose the correct bookshelf for your office.

If you are looking for bookcases in Fort Myers, come check out Office Furniture & Design Concepts. We have a wide variety of bookcases on display.

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