The Different Types of Commercial Window Coverings

You can find many different types of commercial window coverings in Fort Myers and the surrounding areas. Commercial window coverings not only provide protection from the sun, they are also aesthetically pleasing, and can help regulate office temperature. Choosing the correct window coverings for your home office, mid-grade office, or high-grade office should not be a difficult process. Before going into an office furniture design showroom, here are some basics you should know about commercial window coverings.

Commercial Window Covering Types

There are many different types of commercial window coverings to meet any office need. The three most common commercial window covering types are smart solar shades, blinds, and shutters.

Smart Solar Shades

Smart solar shades are long strips of sun resistant material used to cover windows when necessary. Solar shades can be made from hundreds of different materials and in many different colors. They block UV rays which protects your office and prolongs the life of your office furniture.

The vast amount of materials, colors, and transparencies available make smart solar shades an excellent choice for any office environment.

They are also durable and extremely well made. Solar shades are a great option if you are looking for commercial window coverings in Fort Myers.


Blinds are one of the better known commercial window coverings available. They come in both horizontal and vertical styles and colors to match any decor. Blinds can be made out of many different materials and come in many different blind sizes.

Some locations and windows require different blind styles. All commercial blinds are customizable to fit any window in either the vertical or horizontal style. Blind support systems are durable and built to last. If you are looking for commercial window coverings for any size windows, commercial windows blinds are definitely a good choice. A professional showroom can help you to pick the best commercial blinds available for your business.


Shutters are larger strips of hard material, usually wood or a composite, that lock together to block out the sun. Shutters are excellent for keeping the heat and sun out. When placed on the outside, shutters can also act as protection for your windows.

Shutters come in many different colors to match any office color scheme. They look fantastic and are a bold statement piece for any office.

You do not have to fear your shutters malfunctioning because they are built to be used everyday and to last.

Operating Methods

There are two primary methods for opening and closing your commercial window coverings: manual and automatic.

Manual Operation

Like the name implies, manual operation means you physically open and close your window coverings via a cord, knob, or other hardware. Manual commercial window coverings are generally less expensive.

Automatic Operation

Automatic operation requires the use of a switch or button to move your window coverings. This is especially convenient if the window coverings are in a hard to reach location.

If you are looking for commercial window coverings in Fort Myers, come and visit Office Furniture & Design Concepts. Our showroom has everything you need to know about commercial window coverings.

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