Knowing When it is Time to Redesign your Commercial Property

One of the most difficult aspects of running a business is knowing when it is time to mix things up and redesign your commercial property. We can get so stuck in our daily duties that we forget to take a step back and really look at our business. When was the last time you redesigned? What has changed about your business since then? These are both very important questions.

Below are some tips for knowing when it is time to redesign your commercial property.

Miserable Staff and Low Productivity

If staff seem a little one edge or productivity is down, it may be time to redesign your office. The working environment plays a huge role in staff morale and outdated offices tend to leave workers uninspired. Everyone knows inspired staff work more efficiently than uninspired staff, so it is time to freshen up the workplace.

New lighting, furniture, break areas, and color scheme can do all of this for you. Take a look at new office design trends to get a feel about what may work best for your office.

Present Office Design does not Reflect your Business

If you have not redesigned in a while, your customers may notice when they walk into your office. An office that looks old and shabby does not provide a good first impression to potential customers. The way you present yourself shows customers how you will serve and present them. A rundown office may give the impression that you do not care about your service as much as you should while a crisp, fresh office tells the customer that you are on the ball.

Also, if you have rebranded recently, it is necessary that you redesign your commercial property. You need a new aesthetic to match your new brand.

Business Growth

Business growth is exciting and amazing, but with business growth comes more employees and less space. Instead of relocating your business to a bigger location, a quick redesign should be able to help you maximize the space your have.

When redesigning, you can plan improved storage, furniture, and space management. You can also plan for further business growth which makes hiring new workers less stressful and constant redesigns unnecessary.

New Technology

If you have recently purchased new and improved technology for your business, it may also be time to redesign. Older furniture may not have the features you need to to properly frame or support your new technology. Often times, spacing will seem off and the layout will look odd. If you are noticing this issue, it is time to redesign.

New Competition

If new competition has rolled into town, a redesign may be a good option. Any new business attracts attention and, by default, makes your business seem old and dated. The best way to fight the natural appeal of a new business is to redesign yours.

A drastic change is not necessary. Something small like new carpeting or lobby chairs make a big impression. There are many small things you can do to redesign your office and a professional can help.

Office Furniture & Design Concepts has the perfect showroom and professionals in Fort Myers to help you redesign your commercial property. Stop by today!

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