What to Look for in a Commercial Flooring Contractor

If you are looking into purchasing commercial flooring in Fort Myers, it is important to hire a commercial flooring contractor you can trust. There are plenty of commercial flooring contractors out there and finding the right one for your project will insure the job gets done quickly and correctly.

Here is a list of what you should look for in a commercial flooring contractor:

  • Licensed – It is important to only employ licensed flooring contractors. A licensed contractor knows what they are doing, cares about their reputation and is an established floor contractor in their field. You should check the contractor’s license to make sure it is valid according to the state’s regulating board. If it is a valid license, you are set to hire them.
  • Fully Insured – Any commercial flooring contractor you hire should be fully insured. They need to carry Liability Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance, and Auto Insurance. You should ask to see their insurance policies in all three of these areas before agreeing to any work you want to have done.
  • Connections – If you are looking for commercial flooring in Fort Myers, a good contractor should have the connections to help you. Upstanding commercial flooring contractors who have worked in their field for a long time commonly form good manufacturer relationships. This often means better prices for you, clearer information about warranty claim, and better products for your business.
  • No Pressure Sales – A commercial flooring contractor that is pressuring you to buy a specific type of flooring is not the contractor you want to hire. Normally sales pressure results in a buy that is better for the contractor than it is for you. Good commercial flooring contractors will discuss the best options with you and help you make the correct choice. It is also important to check the contractor’s track record. Doing some background research about your contractor will give you an idea about his work record.
  • Quick Turnaround – The scariest aspect about purchasing new flooring and having it installed by a commercial flooring contractor is waiting for the work to be done. There are plenty of horror stories out there about projects being started and then the client has to wait weeks for the project to be finished. When you hire a commercial flooring contractor, check out their past timeframes for other projects.
  • Knowledge Over Sales Pitch – Ask any and all questions that come to mind when you are looking into commercial flooring in Fort Myers. A knowledgeable commercial floor contractor will be able to answer your questions clearly and quickly. Look out for answers that do not answer your questions.
  • Material-Specific – Commercial flooring contractors should have crews that specialize in a specific type of flooring. Hiring a contracting company that uses the same crew for every job may be cheaper, but they will not have the specialized care needed for your specific job. Also, a contractor with multiple crews is more likely to get the job completed more quickly.
  • Warranty Help – If your flooring happens to develop a defect, an experienced commercial flooring contractor should be able to inform you about process of reporting damage and making a warranty claim. One of the many questions you should ask is if the contractor has worked through a warranty problem. Ask them about their experience and what they did.

If you are looking into commercial flooring in Fort Myers, it is important to find a good commercial flooring contractor. A good flooring contractor will ensure your flooring projects runs smoothly and on time.

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