Most Creative Offices: Who Said a Work Office Has to be Dull?

Gone are the days when offices were basic and boring and consisted of four minimally decorated walls, a traditional writing table covered with a desktop computer, and an uncomfortable chair. Today’s office is elaborately adorned with artwork, cleverly crafted in themes and filled with modern furniture that is both inviting and remarkable.

Google is known for its creative web design, but its offices in Zurich, Switzerland offer a far more creative feat.  With the office and lounge views of the Swiss Alps, what better theme to use than of course, a ski resort complete with ski lifts, fake snow, and an indoor slide?

The Zurich Google location also features different themed floors including a jungle and water lounge. An interesting tidbit of information…Google employees in Zurich calls themselves Zooglers!

creative office

Hilger’s Pediatric Dentistry in Goodyear, Arizona makes the visit to the dentist an exciting adventure for both the patients and the parents with its rain forest themed creative office space! The centerpiece is a very large Banyan tree within the tiki-hut reception area. While the children are waiting to be seen by the dentist, they can entertain themselves in a movie theater, near a shipwreck, or in the arcade. Going to the dentist doesn’t sound so bad now, does it?

creative office

Creative office kudos go to Inventionland in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where employees have many different themed offices to work in, including a cupcake and a tremendous racetrack. However, the best themed creative office in Inventionland is by far the Pirate ship complete with authentic wood, sails and a lagoon.

creative office


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