Steelcase Gesture Chair

Steelcase gesture chair in Fort Myers, FLPicture this. You are in a business meeting and everyone is kicking back and texting and swiping. You are squirming in your office chair because the positions you are trying to sit in, just aren’t that comfortable. The definition of ergonomically correct office chairs has changed. No longer do you sit all day with your feet firmly placed on the floor and your hands and wrists poised over a keyboard typing. With the advent of new technology, the way people work has drastically changed.

Thankfully, along came the Steelcase gesture chair. This new innovative chair can be summed up by its name. The Steelcase gesture chair follows the movements that your body makes as you go through your daily work tasks.

Steelcase did extensive research all over the world and found nine new postures that were the result of the use of new technology and how those devices are used in the workplace. Research showed that these new postures in relation to the standard office chair create discomfort in workers and slows done productivity and creativity. This is where the gesture chair comes into play. The gesture chair is built with these unique interfaces:

The Core Interface

The back and seat of the gesture chair move as a synchronized system and provides continuous support. The back will cradle you no matter what position you are sitting in.

The Limb Interface

The arm of the gesture chair moves in a human-like motion. This allows your arms and shoulders to be supported while you’re texting, swiping, or typing.

The Seat Interface

The seat of this innovative chair brings comfort all the way to the edges of your seat.
It allows you to sit in a range of postures without obstruction and creates a comfort that you cannot get with a regular office chair.

The User Interface

The gesture chair adjusts to various body types, as well as, your sitting preference. It quickly adjusts to each unique sitting style to meet your comfort.

So the next time you’re at the office and feel the strain of sitting in that office chair, look to the Steelcase Gesture Chair. It is the direction office furniture should be going in. As technology changes, so will your work habits. Adapt and adjust with this innovative chair. Comfort should be a priority.

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